Cleaning Revelations

One of my struggles around the house is remembering all the little things that need to be cleaned. When I think cleaning, I think “big picture.” You know: mopping, vacuuming, laundry, scrubbing countertops and toilets, dusting furniture. That kind of thing.

What seems to slip my mind is the little things. For instance, my hair dryer. I never, ever, ever think about cleaning my hair dryer.

Until one day, I’m putting it away after using it, and I notice a big, thick spot of built-up grime right where my thumb sits while I hold it. Only then do I realize the whole thing is coated in rough, gray patches of sticky, aged dirt.

I’ve owned this particular hair dryer for about two years and I haven’t cleaned it even once. I use it at least six days a week. That’s a lot of use that attracts a lot of filth.

Do you ever notice things around your house you can’t remember ever cleaning? For me, the hair dryer forced me to think about all of the things I don’t clean. I consider myself to be pretty cleanly. Before the hair dryer revelation, I considered myself to be pretty cleanly.   But now all I can focus on are the light switches, picture frames, bathroom trash cans, video game controllers, towel rods, doorknobs, mini blinds, and home décor items that are ignored during my regular cleaning routine.


I’ve seen these “house cleaning plans” online before and I think it’s time to adopt one of them. I really like this one from Gone Like Rainbows that breaks down cleaning daily, weekly, monthly, semiannually, and annually. I’m going to give it a shot!

For the record, I did clean my hair dryer. Ladies, do NOT go two years between hair dryer cleanings! Blech.






Do you follow a regular cleaning plan for your home or apartment? How do you typically ensure you’re cleaning all the easy-to-forget parts of your house?

One Last Lesson for 2014: Folding Fitted Sheets

One of my least favorite things to do is fold a fitted sheet.  I use the term “fold” loosely, because what I do with fitted sheets is better described as “roll into a ball and call it ‘close enough.'”

For years, I’ve told myself I’ll eventually educate myself on how to truly “fold” a fitted sheet.  With half a day to spare, I decided I would master it by the end of 2014!

I use the term “master” loosely, because what I managed is better described as “barely squeaked by and still needs practice.”

First, I should show you how I folded fitted sheets prior to December 31, 2014:

sheet.pngI found three videos online showing slightly different methods for folding fitted sheets, and I tried them all.  With the first one, I got off to a terrible start:

It took several minutes to accomplish this.

It took several minutes to accomplish this.

With the second one–from Martha Stewart, no less–I was such a failure I didn’t even bother taking a picture.  Sometimes you just have to save yourself a little dignity.

The third and final video I found was the one that finally did the trick.  Mind you, a two minute video equaled almost ten minutes to fold the damn sheet, but I got it done!  The first time I did it, my sheet looked like this:

Inner perfectionist:  please shut the f*$# up.

Inner perfectionist: please shut the f*$# up.

It was better than my usual results, but still looked a little lopsided.  So I unfolded the sheet about halfway and tried again, and I was finally pleased with the results.  Here is how I finally got it done:

sheet2.pngThere.  I will enter 2015 knowing the “proper” way to fold a fitted sheet.  Now I need to teach the husband how to do it, unless I feel like being the designated sheet folder of the house.  (Spoiler alert:  I don’t!)

Now I need to start a list of things to learn next year.  So far it includes cooking on the grill, making cat toys, and possibly (HUGE emphasis on “possibly”) knitting.  What kinds of things would you like to learn how to do in 2015?