Pie inside of a cake

A couple of months ago, my fiance found a picture on the Internet of a cake with a pie baked inside of it.  Though the sight of it made me sick to my stomach (sugar overdose, anyone?), he’s been drooling over the idea ever since.  So, tomorrow is his birthday.  And guess what I decided to make in place of the traditional boring birthday cake?

I enlisted the help of my mother–obviously, I wasn’t going to go it alone on this one.  After a week or so of mulling it over, we had a plan.  The grocery list:  two boxes of cake mix, frosting, and a pre-baked pie from the bakery.

Seems simple enough, eh? But wait…

I chose a cherry pie, cherry chip cake mix, and chocolate frosting.  But I’m sure the possibilities are endless.  Next, we baked two cakes (one with each mix).  I prepared one and my mom prepared the other.


So, they look exactly alike, right?  They were even baked in identical pans.  But when the time came to remove the cakes from the pans, it was clear which one was mine.


Let’s back up for a second:  prior to pouring the batter in the pan, my mom made sure I understood that the pan needed to be sprayed with cooking spray and then dusted WELL with flour to prevent the cake from sticking.  After getting flour everywhere, I managed to get what I thought was enough flour on the bottom and the sides of the pan.  Lesson learned:  less is NOT more.  Flour is my friend.

So, we were in a predicament.  It came down to:  1) Try to glue the cake back together, or 2) Drive to the grocery store, buy another cake mix, and bake a new cake.  We settled on the idea of gluing the cake back together with cherry pie filling.

Had this been better planned, we would have acquired round cake pans and baked the cakes that way.  However, we decided on short notice to cut the cakes into a round shape to match the shape of the pie.  Luckily, this made it so that we didn’t have to glue my ruined cake back together–we just mashed in the missing corner and crossed our fingers it would stay.  Then, we carved out a bowl shape in the bottom layer and carefully set the pie inside.

United at last.

Next, we laid the second cake on top of the pie.  Then came……..the frosting.  (Cue suspenseful music:  dun-dun-duuuuuuuuun!)

This is where it would have been a THOUSAND times better had we planned ahead and baked round cakes.  But we weren’t about to start over, so we went with it.  Since the outside of our creation was all the crumbly interior of the cake, trying to frost it was like trying to paint sand.  I ended up scooping out frosting with my fingers and smashing it on to most of the exterior of the cake.

What a mess!

Seventy-nine cuss words later, we had the final product:


I’d had my doubts, but this was DELICIOUS!  My fiance absolutely loves it.  It may not have looked like a cake in a bakery, but it did work–and it was worth every cuss word and every bit of chocolate that got permanently wedged under my fingernails.

Piece of cake! I mean pie. I mean…ah, forget it.