Never a Dull Moment

How do you even begin to catch up after 1.5 years away from a blog?

I’ll start out with an explanation of why I’m dusting off the ol’ cooking blog after 1.5 years away.

I started this blog almost six years ago when I couldn’t even chop an onion, and over the course of a few years I became a fairly good cook and I was afraid of getting boring.  The whole basis for this blog was that it was my way of documenting my journey as I learned to cook.  I had accomplished that and to be honest, I kind of lost my way when it came to writing things here.

Fast forward a few more years.  I have a daughter now–a TODDLER, say whaaaaaaa?–and it’s like I’m learning to cook ALL…OVER…AGAIN.  Here’s why:


On the left is flaked nutritional yeast, and on the right is ground flax seed.  This is a picture of what “cheese” and “egg” look like in my house nowadays.

My daughter has severe dairy, egg, and peanut allergies.  I don’t know how many of you non-vegans out there have ever tried cooking with no eggs or dairy, but this is about how I feel at the stove quite often:


Cooking without dairy and eggs is one of the most challenging trials I’ve experienced. Since my daughter, Emily, recently failed her baked milk challenge and we know now we are in this for the long haul, I’ve realized I have an opportunity.  I could either pull my hair out, or I can set out to accomplish the same thing I did all those years ago when I first posted on this blog.  I can learn to cook.  I can use this blog to share my adventures as I make cheese out of cashews, eggs out of ground flax seed, and ice cream out of bananas.  If you’ve been on this journey with me before, I hope you buckle in and enjoy the ride in this new scenery.  After all, you know there’s always a good laugh involved when I try new things.



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