And the Award for Biggest Moron Goes To…

Let’s play a game called, Can You Spot the Difference? The rules are simple: you study the photo below and tell me the differences between the top two and bottom two packages of ground beef. Take a moment, and when you’re ready, compare your findings to my answer key below.


Look closely…

Keep looking…

It seems so easy…

Ready? Here’s the answer key:

  • They are different brands.
  • The beef on top is organic and the beef below is simply “all natural.”
  • The beef on top is in a square package and the beef below is in a rectangular package.

The answers are all fairly obvious, are they not? But there’s more to this riddle than meets the eye. There’s one last difference I bet you couldn’t see. It’s that the two packages on top are room temperature and completely inedible, and the bottom two packages are nice and cool, just out of the cooler at the store down the street. So how did we get here, you might ask?

Several months ago I wrote about “Plan B” in my house, which consists of a drive to Chipotle whenever I ruin dinner or fail to plan properly. The particular instance that sparked the “Plan B” post was that I’d taken the chicken out to thaw for an hour in the morning, mistakenly left it out all day while I was at work, and came home to room-temperature chicken that had to be tossed. Most frustrating of all was that this wasn’t the first, second, or even tenth time I’d done such a thing.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Last night, I took two frozen packages of hamburger out of the freezer. One went in the fridge to thaw out for Tuesday night, and the other went in the sink to thaw until bedtime so it would be ready to cook come dinner time tonight. Well, I woke up this morning to find the beef still sitting in the sink.

So I took the other package out of the fridge and set it in the sink to thaw while I got ready for work. An hour later, I pulled into the parking lot at the office and realized: I hadn’t put the beef back into the fridge. Now, imagine every single cuss word you have ever heard. I said them ALL before I got out of the car.

I am no longer allowed to use the sink method for thawing meat. If it ain’t thawed, I ain’t cooking it. We’ll have PB&J. Or we’ll have cheese and crackers. Or we’ll have cereal. ANYTHING to keep me from wasting $15 on meat.

Did I mention I have a very forgiving husband?


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