Accidental Soup Volcano

For the past month, I’ve used my blender on a daily basis. I thought we were beginning to bond. I learned to love it despite its flaws, and in return it’s provided me with a delicious smoothie every morning.

Then this shit happened:

Bleepity bleepity bleep!

Bleepity bleepity bleep!

I was following a recipe for some tomato basil soup. It was almost simpler than the directions on a box of mac ‘n cheese. Essentially, it was this: chop garlic, dump stuff in pot, simmer for 20 minutes. After stirring in the basil, the last step was elementary: pour half the soup in the blender, process, and repeat with the second half. That’s it! Easy!

I’m stating for the record I put roughly ¼ of the soup into the blender. Not even half. I put the lid on, held onto it with one hand, and pushed the button.

My wall…my stove…my can opener…my microwave…my cabinets…my counter…my bowl of fruit…my shirt…my salt and pepper grinder…ALL splattered with thick, red globs of soup. The Mount Blender volcano violently erupted right before my eyes.

Somewhat embarrassed that my husband heard me shrieking, I quietly poured some of the (remaining) soup back in the pot so I could start over. I could only guess I’d filled the blender too full.

With about half a blender full of soup, I tried again.

And survived a soup explosion…AGAIN.

Believe it or not, it happened a third time. On the fourth try, with about a cup of soup in the blender, I managed to keep the top on and had no further messes.

The final product, which...was...worth it?

The final product, which…was…worth it?

Thankfully, the soup is superb. I mean, it’s some of the best tomato soup I’ve ever had. I just think the final step of the recipe might need to be tweaked a bit (my additions in red):

As a precaution, clear countertop of all items except for the blender, and have several wet kitchen towels within reach. Place half one cup of the soup in a blender; hold on to the lid of the blender like your life depends on it and process until smooth. Pour pureed soup into a bowl, and repeat procedure with remaining soup.


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