Cashew Butter Blues

My all-time favorite food is peanut butter. You could probably put peanut butter on a pickle and I’d still eat it. I imagine the first sign of the apocalypse will have something to do with the extinction of peanut butter.

Strong as my feelings are for peanut butter, my curiosity has been growing. Lately in the organic section at the grocery store I’ve seen hazelnut butter and sunflower seed butter. I’ve read about cashew butter and macadamia nut butter. Considering that I always dig the cashews out of my husband’s trail mix, I decided to try some cashew butter.

I also decided to make it myself.

I have a decent food processor that is capable of making nut butter, so I purchased some cashews in bulk at the grocery store and did my research online. First step: dump the cashews into the food processor.


I used unsalted cashews, so I added a smidge of salt. I turned the food processor on, suffered through a minute or so of what sounded like screws inside of a wood chipper, and watched as the cashews slowly morphed into a thick, Play-Doh-ish substance.


I stopped the food processor a few times to give it a rest. Each time I stopped it I got a whiff of the butter. I’m not going to lie, it smelled eerily similar to wet cat food. I was not feeling optimistic.

After about 20 minutes, my cashews had finally reached “butter” status. I excitedly scraped the butter into a plastic container. At this point it was lunch time, the point in my day when I usually make a peanut butter sandwich. It was perfect timing to try out my new cashew butter.


I spread the cashew butter on a slice of nutty bread and topped it with a second slice. I typically eat peanut butter sandwiches without jelly; this might have been my downfall with the cashew butter. Not only could I not get past the cat food smell, but I just wasn’t enjoying the taste or the texture of the butter. It was sweet in a way I didn’t expect, but had lost that familiar cashew taste I was hoping for.


I suppose there’s an epiphany to be had here. Not failing at something does not mean I’m not going to be disappointed by it. Pulling something off does not mean I’m going to enjoy it.

On the bright side, peanut butter is cheaper than cashews anyhow!

Have you tried cashew butter?  Do you like it?  How do you eat it?  I still have some leftover butter I need to use somehow, so I’m open to trying something new!



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