Pressure cooker, take two: risotto

Preface to what you’re about to read:  my bridal shower was last weekend, and my gag gift was the LARGEST pair of granny panties my eyes have ever seen.

So this is how my morning started:  I was in the bathroom, getting ready for work, when I heard my cat Orville making a ruckus in the hallway.  I poked my head out the door and caught Orville wildly running back and forth in the hallway with the granny panties in his mouth.  This continued for several moments and ended with Orville collapsing on the ground, hugging the underwear with his front paws while he kicked at them with his back legs, and finally curling up in a ball and resting his head on the panties like they were a cat-sized pillow.

It was bound to be an interesting day from the get-go.  With an interesting day comes an interesting cooking experience.

First, I tackled my second pressure cooker recipe:  rapid risotto.  I LOVE rice dishes, especially risotto, but I really despise how long rice takes to cook.  Having survived my first pressure cooking undertaking, I was a lot calmer going into my second venture.  I also learned what I did wrong in the first recipe that had caused the beans not to cook thoroughly (I turned the heat down too low when trying to maintain high pressure), with the hope that I wouldn’t have the same issue with the risotto.

While the risotto cooked, I coated some chicken breasts with a meat rub and put them in my brand new grill pan!  I’ve emphasized those words because that’s how ecstatic I felt when I purchased this grill pan a couple of nights ago.  I’ve wanted a grill pan for a really…long…time.  But don’t let the enthusiasm fool you.  My grill pan is already in the doghouse, so to speak.

I’ve been watching cooking shows (ahem…Giada) in which food is prepared on the grill pan, and it looks AMAZING.  When I purchased my grill pan earlier this week, I was beside myself with excitement as I thought about all the wondrous things my new pan would produce.  But the closer my chicken breasts came to being cooked, the more it became clear to me that the grill pan had done nothing differently than just any ol’ frying pan I could have pulled out of my kitchen cabinet.  I was even robbed of the fancy grill marks the pan should have left on my chicken.  Unless I’m missing something important, I’m almost sure I wasted my money.

Luckily, I had no issues with my risotto and it couldn’t have turned out any better.  Given that the total cook time was only about 10 minutes, I do believe the pressure cooker will be my preferred method for preparing risotto from now on!  Bonus:  this time, I didn’t flinch even once out of fear that my pressure cooker might explode.

Even though I was disappointed by the lack of pizzazz in my grill pan’s performance, the chicken was decent.  I also discovered the deliciousness of cooking broccoli in the chicken juices left over in the pan.  Mmmmmmm.

Now that I’ve done rice and beans in the pressure cooker, my next endeavor will be to cook some chicken pressure-cooker-style.  I think I can, I think I can…

5 thoughts on “Pressure cooker, take two: risotto

  1. When I get all steamed up… hear me shout!
    Release the catch… and hear me spout!

    Grilling… repeat after me…

    ‘No pricking, no prodding and only one turn’.

    If you want cross hatch grill marks, you ‘may’ do ‘one’ quarter turn per side.


  2. Hmm… now according to the latest tweet, it is now around 3.30 am in mecookyummyonedayville. Now the question is… (because enquiring minds need to know these things)… will the blushing bride be in any fit state after the above mentioned bachelorette ‘par-tay’ to whip us all up a Sunday roast; or will she be joining Flash ( in his current facial status? In fact… will there actually be any cooking done this week? Again enquiring minds and all that…

    Roffle… (Have a great week Hope!)


    • Since curious minds have inquired, here is the answer: yes, the blushing bride *could have* cooked, had the continuation of Earth’s rotation depended on it. However, after being awoken after just a few hours of sleep by a wolf spider trotting across my face (and being unable to fall asleep after killing said spider), I opted to forgo any cooking more complicated than heating canned soup on the stove. The pressure cooking shall continue tomorrow!


      • : googles wolf spider :

        Oh my… I mean goodness me… yes well, if I woke up with ‘one of those’ crawling across my face… I am not sure that I would be feeling up to a Full English cooked breakfast either…

        …and yes so pleased to hear that the cooking lessons shall continue, despite ‘other’ distractions this week. Well, after all, unless you are planning some kind of pre-nuptial ritualistic fast; then a girl, (and fiancees too for that matter) still have to eat. Of course, whether it is considered a priority to keep the whole www informed of what you cook and eat this week… well…

        …but hey, enquiring minds and all that.



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