Broiling final exam and experimental marinara meatballs

Today marks the final challenge of my first “Two Week Technique,” a 14-day assignment of learning all that is necessary to know about broiling.  After doing some much-needed reading on the subject, I made a list of the basics of broiling and found recipes for three different types of food to cook under the broiler.  First, I tried my hand at broiling grilled cheese sandwiches.  Second, I attempted (and failed) to make broiled stuffed potatoes.  Third, I surprised myself by successfully cooking sirloin steak under the broiler.

The final test was for me to choose something to broil without using a recipe.  I allowed myself to rely only on the things that I have learned in my three recent broiling experiences.  Without further adieu, here is the product of my education in the school of broiling:

So what on that plate is broiled?  Well, I ultimately decided that for my final test I would stick to a simple cheesy garlic bread.  Why?  Because what I learned is that if you’re cooking anything fancy, the broiler is best left for something a little less complex.  Since broiling cooks from above at a high temperature, it’s really better left for things that…well, need to be cooked from above at a high temperature.  If it doesn’t need to be cooked this way, it’s mostly a pain in the ass to try cooking it under the broiler.

Therefore, I chose to make cheesy garlic bread.  I made this decision based on the fact that I wanted the top–and only the top–of my bread to be cooked.  I started with this darling little loaf of artisan bread:

Then I sliced it, brushed each slice with melted butter, sprinkled the slices with garlic salt, and topped them all with grated Parmesan and Romano.

Then into the oven they went.  As they sat under the broiler, I checked on them about every 15 seconds.  Since I did learn the broiler is a bloody fast way of cooking, I didn’t want to risk the cheese burning.

I made some turkey meatballs to go with the cheesy garlic bread.  At this point, I’m able to wing it when it comes to meatballs–I no longer need recipes for them!  The meatballs tonight were simply seasoned with basil, oregano, and chopped onion.  After they were finished baking, I simmered them in a pot of marinara sauce.  While they simmered, they looked so delicious I just had to take a picture.  Unfortunately, the photo looked nothing like the pot of food in front of me; rather, it looked like a still from a zombie apocalypse film.  (This was confirmed by my fiance as I was saving the photos to my computer.  He saw the picture out of the corner of his eye and said, “Are you looking at a picture of a gunshot victim?”)

I can assure you, these tasted SO much better than they look in the picture above (I promise, this dish wasn’t inspired by Rudy Eugene).  I served them with some asparagus and the cheesy garlic bread, which was DIVINE!

I feel that my first “Two Week Technique” was successful.  Though I don’t feel I’ll be using my broiler much for anything other than cheesy garlic bread, I know I learned a lot and that it helped me grow as a cook.  Tomorrow will start my next TWT:  dough!


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