Broiling, take three: STEAK!

Here’s a picture of tonight’s dinner:

(Drum roll, please.)  It was delightful!

Fact #1:  I haven’t had the best of luck with this whole broiling thing.  Fact #2:  I have never before cooked a whole steak.  Fact #3:  I am still, somewhat unsuccessfully, trying to overcome my fear of undercooked meat.

Fact #4:  Despite facts #1-3, I still rocked this steak.

I followed a Betty Crocker recipe for Broiled Sirloin Steak and Vegetables.  After ten minutes of perusing the meat cooler at the grocery store with absolutely no idea which type of steak I actually needed (and being lectured by my fiance as a result; “You need to start Googling this stuff before we go shopping,” he says), I picked out two petite sirloin steaks.  The recipe called for the steaks to be broiled alongside mushrooms and squash, but I substituted carrots since mushrooms and squash aren’t really my cup of tea.

I was feeling bold and decided to add some basil to the dressing/vinegar mixture to be spread on the meat and veggies.  I felt like prep time was moving rather slowly so, in a rush, I accidentally spilled basil all……over……the……floor.

After a short intermission involving the broom and dustpan, I popped the steaks under the broiler and waited.  The cook time, according to the recipe, was five minutes per side.  My steaks took roughly ten minutes per side.  Am I the only person whose food takes twice as long to cook as the recipe states it should?  SHEESH.

Now, here’s where I really give myself credit.  This was how my steak looked when I cut into it:

Before I began teaching myself to cook, this color would have had me running for the hills.  Now that I’ve learned a thing or two–and now that I’ve had more experience cooking meat–I was pretty satisfied with this shade of pink.  It tasted great and it was nice and TENDER.  Mmmmmmm.  My fiance’s was a little more rare than mine was, and I must confess, it did make me nervous.  I tried to get him to let me stick it back under the broiler for a minute or two, but he insisted it was just fine and he ate every bite of it.  I guess I’m still not over my fear quite yet.

Now that I’ve made the three broiling recipes I selected, it’s time to put my knowledge to the test.  By the end of the week, I’ll be making something of my own creation in the broiler.  No recipe.  Calmingthoughtscalmingthoughtscalmingthoughts.

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