I did it, I did it!  I cooked bacon!

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, does this lady also celebrate peeling carrots and closing Ziploc baggies?”  But those of you who have been following me for awhile might recall that I had never cooked bacon and just the thought of it had me shaking in my boots.  Well, last night I put on my bacon-makin’ boots!

I needed to cook bacon to use in a Green Chile and Cheese Egg Bake.  Before I got started, I asked my fiance if he would coach me through making bacon.  This was the conversation that ensued:

Me:  So, how do I start?
Fiance:  Get the pan hot and put the bacon in it.
Me:  [Sets pan on burner] What heat setting do I use?
Fiance:  High.
Me:  HIGH?
Fiance:  Yeah, it’s going to sizzle and pop.
Me:  [Turns burner dial to High] Do I need to use cooking spray?
Fiance:  No, it’s going to get nice and greasy.  Let the pan get hot first!
Me:  [Stupidly touching the surface of the pan to make sure it’s hot] It’s hot.  Do I put the bacon in now?
Fiance:  …….yes, put it in now.
Me:  Do I put it all in at once?
Fiance:  Well, no, don’t put it all in in one chunk.
Me:  I mean, do I put all of the strips in the pan at once?
Fiance:  No, you can only fit four or five at a time.
Me:  [Peeling a strip of bacon off of the chunk in the packaging] Okay, here it goes.  [Gently lays bacon in pan]  AAAAA, oh my god, it’s sizzling!
Fiance:  [I can’t see him, but I’m sure he rolled his eyes] Make sure you flip it when the fat starts to curl up.
Me:  Flip it?  What do I use, a fork?
Fiance:  No, use the tongs…
Me:  Oh.  Tongs.  Duh.

Cluelessness aside, making bacon turned out to be a thousand times simpler than I had imagined.

(Note the pig tongs that match my pig whisk.)

Once I crossed the bacon hurdle, I prepared the rest of the egg bake using a NEW, larger whisk.  I was nervous at first that it was a wee bit too runny.

I had to bake it for about ten minutes longer than the max time in the recipe, but the finished product looked (and tasted) pretty good.

I can’t complain about two days in a row of successful cooking!  Tonight, I’m tackling Cornish game hens.  *Fingers crossed*


6 thoughts on “BACON!

  1. Bacon takes a lot longer to cook, but doesn’t sizzle and pop so badly (and cooks more evenly) if you do it over medium heat. I have bacon burns that can attest to high heat = bad.



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