Chili and Polenta

Following Thursday night’s self-esteem crushing chicken and potatoes, I decided to revert back to an easy chili recipe I’ve made a few times in the past.  Chili is one of the few meals I have never (yet) ruined.  See, doesn’t it look so purdy?

I’ve begun to wonder if I should just start making chili for every meal.

Normally, I love a good chunk of cornbread with my chili.  But since cornbread isn’t the healthiest of side dishes (because who doesn’t love a little cornbread with their butter?), nor is it a new challenge, I opted to try my hand at making polenta.  (Random fact:  spell check tried to correct “polenta” to read “tadpole.”)

I have to say, I had my doubts about polenta.  After all, its spongy texture was just begging for me, the queen of ruining texture, to screw it up.  But somehow I pulled it off!

The texture was downright perfect.  The polenta tasted just like the logs you can buy at the store–only better, because this one was seasoned with VICTORY.  Hey, it’s my blog, I’ll make corny jokes if I want to.

While I’m here, I should give you a little teaser for my next post:  tonight, I will cook with BACON for the first time.  Ever.  Wish me luck!




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