Night o’ Fails

Confidence is low tonight.  Really low.  I messed up my stuffed chicken, I burned myself on a hot pan, and the potato side dish I made for dinner never even made it to the table.

I was inspired by this recipe I found for “Nacho-Rific Stuffed Chicken.”  I flattened some chicken breasts (this is getting easier, finally) and filled them with a mixture of shredded cheddar cheese, refried beans, and sour cream.  However, when I folded the top half of each breast over the half that was topped with the mixture, I didn’t do anything to secure the halves together.  I figured the mixture would act as a glue, in a way.  Into the oven they went.  I set the timer and checked on them about 10 minutes later.  One of them had come undone and half of the cheese and bean mixture had oozed onto the baking sheet.  I quickly stabbed the other breast with toothpicks to make sure it stayed intact, but when I tried to do the same with the one that had unfolded, it had already cooked enough that I could hardly get it to bend.  I had no choice but to bake the breast as it was, half of it covered in a cheesy bean mixture and the other half completely naked.

Innnnnn the meantime, I was also baking some potatoes I had cut up and coated in a honey-chili powder glaze.  They looked and smelled delicious, and I’m sure they would have been–had I actually been able to try them, that is.  I followed a recipe I used once before that called for the chunks of potato to be roasted at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Tonight, I started at 375 and roasted the potatoes for 20 minutes.  At that point, they had just barely begun to soften, so I upped the temperature to 400 and let them roast for 15 minutes more.  I took a test bite and my heart sunk when it became clear the potatoes were nowhere near done.  I didn’t want to call it quits, but…my fiance and I were both terribly hungry, I’d had a long day, and I just couldn’t fathom waiting all night for those damn potatoes.  I’m sure I didn’t cut them into small enough chunks.  I’m so stinking handicapped when it comes to potatoes.  POTATOES.  I live in Idaho, the land of freaking potatoes.  A month’s supply of potatoes costs a dollar.  How on earth are they such a challenge for me?

So, this was my dumb dinner:

Sweet Maui Onion potato chips and a half-bare, half-cheesy chicken breast.  At this rate, I’ll be the next Food Network star in no time……..


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