First broil and 20-calorie cookies

In 26 years, I have never turned on the broiler in the oven.  Until now.

That first statement makes me feel silly–especially because I recently purchased a brand spanking new range–so I found a recipe for some broiled Dijon chicken.  The finished product had nice flavor, and it was edible, but it wasn’t everything I’d hoped it would be.  The chicken came out, as Anne Burrell would say, “Duh-rye!”  Any dryer and I may as well have made chicken jerky for dinner.  All in all, this is what I learned about broiling chicken:  it’s just like baking chicken, but requires more work and poses a bigger risk of dryness.  When I discussed this with my mom, she suggested I use the broiler to make cheesy garlic bread or steak.  Lesson learned.

I also whipped up some mashed potatoes as a side dish.  With a wedding on the horizon, I’m choosing healthy alternatives whenever possible–so in this case, I mashed them with some low-sodium chicken broth, minced garlic, low fat sour cream, and pepper.  They were good, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t longing for some country gravy to spill all over them.

Speaking of healthy, I stumbled upon a recipe for 20-calorie cookies.  I typically pass on “healthy” dessert recipes because more often than not, they use Splenda (which I refuse to consume) or Stevia (which I’m too nervous to use).  But this one contained neither Splenda nor Stevia, so I gave it a try!  These banana-oatmeal cookies are flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg, with the option of adding butterscotch chips.  I didn’t have butterscotch chips on hand, but I did have some semisweet baking chocolate, so I shaved about 1/4 ounce into the batter.

I absolutely LOVE these cookies!  They’re no chocolate chip cookies, but they’ll do the trick for a dessert-craving lady who needs to fit into her wedding dress this summer.  Bonus:  they were so easy, I don’t think I could have screwed them up even if I tried.


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