Sauce master

Okay, maybe I’m not at “master” status quite yet.  But I think I’m actually getting the hang of making sauces!  Tonight I made Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Sauce, which made me nervous from the start because the “sauce” is so important it’s in the name of the recipe.  Against my nature, I took my time when getting the ingredients together.  I situated them neatly next to the stove and double, triple, and quadruple-checked them before I even thought about turning on the burner.  Another noteworthy feat:  I read the recipe close to ten times between preparing my mise en place and starting to cook.  I’ve never felt so prepared to cook a meal!

Saucy sun-dried goodness.

Tonight also marked my first time cooking with sun-dried tomatoes.  I love sun-dried tomatoes, but I’ve never cooked with them because I felt they were–silly as it sounds–out of my league.  They have always seemed to me an ingredient that only appears in “real” dishes prepared by “real” cooks.  I don’t know why.  Though I haven’t come far, I do feel I’ve come far enough in my cooking journey to use sun-dried tomatoes without feeling like a fraud.




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